Durability: Siddhartha Sunrise UPVC has a particular long-service life because of its ageing resistance quality. Ageing resistance component has been scientifically selected and added resistance treatment to each tier on different level, e.g. addition of the UV-absorbent to both sides of UPVC, screen-agent, antioxidant and modifier, all of which are to transfer the light energy from the UV on the tile surface into heat energy and release it. Thus, the ageing ability on the tile surface will be reinforced. Besides, the sparkle on the tile sheet surface by the unique biaxial tension to the UV has prolonged the using period of the tile greatly. The service life can last more than 20 years with the natural outside conditions in the semi-tropical zone.

Well-Heated Insulation: Addition of various modifiers will protect against the damaging effects of UV efficiently. By this, it has greatly lowered the thermal conductivity of these tiles to only 0.08 w/(m.k.). Discrepancy outside and inside is about 8-10 degree by 3mm tile.

Sound Insulation: Siddhartha Sunrise UPVC has an excellent sound insulation property. With the use of interface layer sparkle structure materials, which has breathing ability: when the roof tile is hit by rain, the sound wave is refracted to the spongy surface which causes the air to quiver, and by rubbing with the cliff hole and blast-off to weaken the sound energy. This will result in sound absorption and control.

Acid-Alkali Resistance: Siddhartha Sunrise UPVC has acid and erode proof qualities. We have further added particular producing technology and direction to ensure the excellent quality.

Special toughness and Hardness: The technique of sheet drawing from both sides repeatedly forces the molecule chain to rearrange orderly which reinforce the cohesion between the molecules. This has greatly increased the physical, mechanical behavior of the compounded sparkle structure in four layers. Additionally, several modifier assistance are also added to components of each layer, which to change the characteristics of the UPVC thus reinforcement of glass fiber mesh gives the strength, touchiness and hardness of the tile.

Leak Proof and Wind Resistance: The interface layer sparkle structure can lower the co-efficient to expand as the temperature increases and contract when they are cooled, which then surrounds the nails inserted the tiles tightly. This will prevent the nailing place from leaking and loosing, which ensures the leak prevention and wind resistance quality of the roof.

File-retard: All the materials used are fire retard.