Product Description

Corrugated steel roofing sheets have been around for many years and are still popular today, giving a more traditional look, in fact corrugated steel roofing is the only cladding that should be used in conservation areas. We offer many different colors and finishes and can now offer 3″ corrugated roofing sheets with our anti-condensation liner.
Our 3mm corrugated metal roofing sheets can be cut to length as required from 0.5m up to 12m, making it suitable for any domestic, industrial or agricultural application.

Features:• Beautiful appearance
• Excellent ventilation
• Resistant to extreme weather
• Can be easily recycled and thus are environment friendly
• Availability in various color
• Simple fitting
• No tear-off or wear-off in different conditions • Anti-corrosion
• Easy to install, can be installed easily by oneself
• Due to galvanized surface, these is good finish and shining
• Low heat conductivity
• Good insulation
• Reasonable price

Material of Construction:Less corrosive metals like zinc, aluminum, tin are coated over the steel sheets in order to minimize corrosion. Stainless steel and aluminum are used in these sheets due to their high tensile strength and good impact resistance.

Dimensions and color:• Thickness: Standard thickness is available in 3mm
• Color: These sheets are available in variety of attractive colors that beautifully matches the building design and structure. The captivating colors can be Terracotta and blue.
• Bottom Color: Light Terracotta and white

Most Used In:• Commercial buildings
• Warehouses • Residential buildings
• Manufacturing Industries • Barricading