Product Description

The effect steel roof sheets are stepped sheets designed to give the overall look of a tiled roof. Lightweight and simple to fit, our tile effect roofing sheets are the ideal roofing solution for workshops and garages.

Features:• Aesthetically attractive
• Can be fabricated and erected with immense ease
• Perfect insulating capabilities
• Rigid structure
• Cold bridging can be eliminated
• Excellent ventilation
• The sheets have standard thickness that allows no leakage
• Extremely weatherproof and hence doesn’t allow sunrays, wind
• These sheets are availed in different colors
• Fitted easily with simple tools
• No tear-off or wear-off
• Resistant to corrosion for longer period of time
• Easy to install, can be installed easily by oneself
• Due to galvanized surface, these is good finish and shining
• Heat conductivity is very low
• Available at reasonable cost

Material of Construction:The materials used in the construction of these sheets are stainless steel or aluminum with the coating of insulated material. Insulation is done to prevent thermal, electric conduction.

Useful Life:The useful life of the metal roofing sheets is at least eight years. The life of these sheets is enhanced more by using the proper coating of aluminum asphalt. These sheets are fabricated using top quality of steels that are resistant to corrosion and further damages.

Dimensions and Color:• Thickness: Standard thickness is available in 3mm.
• Color: Attractive colors are pained over these metal sheets to provide aesthetic beauty. These sheets are available in standard range of colors like Terracotta and blue.
• Bottom Color: Light Terracotta and white

Mostly Used In:• Industrial roofing
• Household cladding
• Garages
• Warehouses
• Agricultural units
• Storage purposes